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Birding the Blyde River Canyon; African Birdlife January / February 2014.

See for the full PDF article.

See for the full PDF article.

A lovely 7 page article on one of my favourite local birding spots, the Blyde River Canyon region. See my website ( for the full article.

Gorongosa; Wild Travel March 2013.

Gorongosa, Wild Travel March 2013

Gorongosa, Wild Travel March 2013

A great step forward for Leon Marais Travel Writing and Photography in the first full article published in an International magazine, Wild Travel of the UK. I had a back page in BBC Wildlife a good few years back, but this is my first full article to appear in a non South African publication. Thanks to Neil Dampier and Piotr Naskrecki for help with images and additional content. I’m hoping to have another article in this great magazine soon!

‘Snap of the Month’ in Getaway Magazine; January 2013.

I’ve tried to make regular submissions to the Getaway Gallery photographic competition in Getaway Magazine. This competition has become highly competitive over the last few years, with some of the ‘bigger names on campus’ submitting images and walking away with the prizes. And good photos they are, which makes this little competition a good one to get featured in. So far I have two ‘Highly Commended’ photos and this one below, which made it into ‘Snap of the Month’ in January. I’m not quite sure what this category is, and don’t know whether it’s good or bad to be the snap of the month, but hey, I won a gift voucher and my name is in the magazine, so that’s better than a slap on the bottom with a wet noodle. I think it’s a pretty dramatic shot…. see what you think! Copy from the mag shown here, as well as the original web version.

Getaway 'Snap of the Month'; January 2013.

Getaway ‘Snap of the Month’; January 2013.

Nile Crocodile

Skyway Trails community tourism initiative; Lowveld Living Summer 2012 / 13:

“My first meeting with Patrick Mogane in the ready-room at the Skyway Trails base in Hazyview was rather brief. The unseasonal drip-drip-drip weather had scared off the eight bikers who were booked on the trail that morning, and Patrick didn’t blame them. “Only our overseas visitors don’t mind the rain,” said Patrick, referring to those from wetter Northern climes who just get on with it, even if it means getting wet. After three days of rain the closest I’d got to doing the trail was to stare at the helmets and harnesses hanging on the walls of the ready-room, and with no English visitors around to brave the elements I headed back home to Nelspruit with the hopes of a dry Monday to come. Fortunately I’d done the trail before and was au fait with zinging through the tree tops attached to a steel cable. Given and Godwill, the guides who’d so expertly escorted us along the 1.2 kilometre aerial cableway in 2008, were no longer working there, having used the skills learned on the cableway to move on to new challenges, and I was looking forward to meeting the current guides at Skyway Trails….”

Skyway Trails, Hazyview.

The Quest for the Dancing Jewel: a Dragonfly safari in South Africa, Country Life October 2012.

Confucius says that man who sticks head in net is….  Well, I’m not so sure that Confucius had a saying for a man putting a large net over his own head, but if I could complete the wise sage’s saying I would have to add the word ‘mad’. Or at least ‘mad to all outward appearances’. Fortunately though, most times there were nets going over heads we were far out in the field, often on private farms, with no public spectators around to speculate about exactly what mental disease we were afflicted by….

Country Life, October 2012.

Birding in and around Satara, Kruger National Park; Africa Birds and Birding, June / July 2012.

“The open savannas found in the Satara region of the park correlate with the image that overseas visitors generally have of Africa. While it is indeed a prime game-viewing area, what is often overlooked is that it also supports some impressive raptors, and the vulture sightings in particular are excellent”. Buy the magazine and read more!

Cover photo by Albert Froneman, image courtesy of Africa – Birds and Birding.


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